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Priscilla Queen of the Desert - New York, USA


Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Musical, an awarding-winning stage adaptation of the popular cult movie, brings Traxon & e:cue’ s complete LED system solutions to center stage. The most colorful character in the production, Priscilla is a pink, life-sized bus that transports three friends on an exciting adventure through the Australian outback. Covered with 219 custom Traxon String RGB systems, Priscilla glows, dressed in over 35,000 pixels of LED illumination. And behind the bus, an additional 44 custom String RGB systems are woven together, creating an automated flitter drop. Eleven e:cue Video Micro Converters (VMCs) paired with the Lighting Application Suite (LAS) 5.2, control the 126,240 e:pix channels, displaying two-dimensional video on a three-dimensional object. The video content is also capable of being manipulated in real-time, allowing Priscilla’ s graphics to often reflect what is happening around her, on stage. The versatility of Traxon’ s String RGB, combined with the advanced capabilities of e:cue lighting controls, creates an effect that perfectly personifies and animates Priscilla, allowing her dynamic character to shine and adding another level of thrill to the musical. Priscilla made its North American debut in Toronto in October, and is slated to open on
Broadway in Spring 2011.

Category : Festive Lighting   Light Designer : Nick Schlieper
Client : Hudson Scenic   Architect : Nick Schlieper
Location : New York, NY, USA   Designer : -
Date : 2010-10-01   Installer : Hudson Scenic Studio
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