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Hotel Beni - Osaka, Japan


The new BENI Hotel in Osaka is a masterpiece of modern Japanese architecture. The sophisticated design hotel located near the Itami Airport impresses with its stylish interior, excellent service and especially with its remarkable lighting concept. Equipped with Traxon's state-of-the-art lighting systems, the reopened Hotel BENI is flooded with colors that correspond to the building's elaborated design. Following the theme ‘movement of colors’, Traxon's 64PXL Mirror adorns the walls and ceilings of the lobby, enriching the hall's environment with lively colors and patterns when switched on. However, when turned off, the fixture-mounted areas still maintain their fashionable effect by turning into dark, stylish mirrors, giving its surrounding a special touch. The fixtures are operated with Traxon's innovative Micro Server, permitting a simple handling due to the possibility of saving a multitude of lighting scenarios. The classy atmosphere of the BENI Hotel merged with Traxon's innovative lighting fixtures make a stay in this establishment a unique and pleasant experience.

Category : Hospitality   Light Designer : -
Client : Hotel Beni   Architect : GOSiZE
Location : Tokyo, Japan   Designer : -
Date : 2008-08-01   Installer : MAXRAY
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