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Adom - Tel Adashim, Israel


A prodigious highlight of the Adom Club is its unique staircase: Before entering the main area and dancefloor of the location, visitors descend from a staircase which is mantled by a frosted glass façade. Each segment of the stairway is equipped with Traxon Liner XB fixtures. Each division of the installation can thus be illuminated in different colors, owing to Traxon’s Light Management System which enables individual control of each Liner XB. The staircase is a major decorative element of the club and can respond to any desired lighting application and theme. The highly customizable fixtures can be adjusted to various lighting environments and guarantee an even light output owing to their high intensity Luxeon® LEDs.

Category : Entertainment   Light Designer : -
Client : Adom   Architect : Haim Cohen Lighting Design
Location : Tel Adashim, Israel   Designer : -
Date : 2006-04-01   Installer : Danor Ltd.
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