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Euratechnologies - Lille, France


Serving as an economic centre for information and communication technologies, the ‘Le Blan – Lafont’ building is located in one of France’s economical cross points, the city of Lille. The project called “EURATECHNOLOGIES” serves as a modern technology hub for companies specialized in cutting edge technologies. Within the building complex, a huge main hall has been designed for encouraging a constant exchange among the occupants. To support the purpose of this special place, a stunning LED screen has been created by Traxon in cooperation with Audio Equipement, one of the leading audio and video equipment installers in France. Using Traxon’s award-winning Mesh RGB, a large screen covering 48m2 has been installed, stretching across the hall’s main glass façade. Comprising 78 Mesh units, the semi-transparent media screen replays TV streams, videos, as well as any kind of graphic content. The Traxon Mesh RGB is a versatile system of LED modules, convincing through its unique flexibility and diversity in application. Allowing different control methods and input signals such as DMX and DVI, the Mesh RGB is suitable for any kind of installation where high performance and outstanding design are required. Splendid in effect, the installation represents not only a sophisticated communication tool but also a unique eye-catcher for the building’s main hall.

Category : Architectural   Light Designer : -
Client : Euratechnologies   Architect : Vincent Brossy
Location : Lille, France   Designer : -
Date : 2009-03-31   Installer : Groupe IEC - Audio Equipement
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