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Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport - Bergen, Norway


The Clarion Hotel Bergen, which is built with direct access to the airport, is a newly opened hotel complex, designed to meet the requirements of large events and conferences. Along the ceiling of the hotel's different facilities, 200m / 656 ft of Traxon's Strip 12 SMD RGB are mounted to illuminate and decorate the hotel. The strips are installed in the restaurant, the bar, the corridor between the restaurant and the elevator area as well as the lounge and conference room. The Strip 12 SMD RGB is an ideal lighting solution for space restricted lighting and is excellent for installations in alcoves at the ceiling. In the restaurant of the hotel, a line of the Strips is covered by frosted plexiglass that disperses the light smoothly for this direct view application. With its color changing light effects, the Strip 12 SMD RGB offers an elegant lighting solution for the hotel and adds some extravagance to the sophisticated design of the various facilities.

Category : Hospitality   Light Designer : -
Client : Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport   Architect : Aavik Design; Oslo Lysdesign AS
Location : Bergen, Norway   Designer : -
Date : 2007-05-01   Installer : Ing. Geir Dalhaug AS; Oslo Lysdesign AS
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