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Pachinko ZAP Ofuna Hall - Kanagawa, Japan


Pachinko parlors are one of the most popular gambling halls in Japan and as famous as karaoke bars. The often bright and noisy shops offering a broad diversity of the special pinball-type machines are usually filled with people spending hours trying their luck in the establishments. Located in the Kamakura area, Ofuna is one of the biggest Pachinko parlors in Japan. Being part of the Pachinko chain, ‘ZAP’, one of the leading Pachinko establishments, numerous visitors and gambling enthusiasts are attracted to the building which offers one of the greatest varieties of Pachinko machines. Traxon Technologies has turned the entire exterior façade of the building into a huge media screen displaying texts, graphics and animations in bright and vivid colors. The concept has been developed and realized by Traxon in cooperation with HAU’Z co., Ltd. and KERUN co., Ltd. to enhance Ofuna’s attractiveness as one of the most famous gambling hall in the area and to strengthen the brand ZAP. Using over 1000 1PXL Boards RGB, the eye-catching media facade turns Ofuna building into a famous landmark in the area, strongly attracting the attention of each passer-by. Controlled by Traxon’s powerful Micro Server and the user-friendly software e:cue programmer V5.0, the installation is easy to control, however creates various splendid effects making this project a remarkable media façade in Japan.

Category : Entertainment   Light Designer : -
Client : Pachinko ZAP Ofuna Hall   Architect : HAU’Z co., Ltd. / KERUN co., Ltd.
Location : Kanagawa, Japan   Designer : -
Date : 2009-07-01   Installer : KERUN co., Ltd.
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